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Mechanical Keyboard for Mac

● Ultra-Slim Wired Mechanical Keyboard with white backlight
● 2 Built-in USB A Hub ports, USB 1.1/ 2.0 compliant
● Durable Aluminum housing with Low Profile Switches
● N-Key rollover
● Full-size arrow keys with Numeric keypad layout
● FN and Media function for Mac OS
  • Mechanical Data
    Weight(g) 830 g
    Dimension(L x W x H mm) 425.5 x 125 x 22 mm
    Key Layout 109 keys
    Key Switches Low Profile Blue Mechanical Switch
    Key Switch Behavior Tactile
    Key Pitch 19 mm
    Total Travel 2.5±0.3 mm
    Pretravel 1.2±0.4 mm
    Operating Force 45±5 gf
    Pressing Life 30 millions
    Hub USB A Hub x 2
    Connections wired
    Cable USB-A
    Electrical Specifications
    Compatible Devices Mac OS
    Operating Voltage 5 V
    Operating Temperature -10~45°
    Back Light Color White
    LED Indicators Caps Lock: green light
    Backlight: white light
    Environmental Specifications
    Agency Approvals FCC,CE
  • The merge of the past and present
    A New Mechanical Keyboard Just for MAC

    AMK-800, newly presented by ORtek, is designed for Apple fans who wish to have an experience in mechanical keyboards.  The ID and the color of AMK-800 not only fit with Apple-style, the aluminum housing also allows a firm and reliable image to the users.  ORtek also adopts the latest technology in industry by using the “Low-Profile” mechanical key switch in AMK-800; everyone can enjoy the typing feeling of a mechanical keyboard and loss the bulky image of it on the desk.



    Single White Backlight
    AMK-800 offers an elegant white backlight for using in the dark.  The 4 level of brightness can be adjusted easily by the commend key on the keyboard.   

    AMK-800同時提供完整的數字區間以及Mac的複合指令功能。(限在Macbook、iMac上)並與Apple keyboard採用相同單一白光LED。
    Extra Functions
    AMK-800 not only follows all the media functions from Apple Magic keyboards, ORtek gives more:  
    1. F13-F19 functions includes: keyboard backlight increase/decrease, screen shot, Safari Previous/Next page, Emoji, and Screen Lock
    2. N-Key Rollover: to make sure every pressed key is noted.
    AMK-800 除了提供與Apple keyboard相同的” Mac專用快捷鍵”以外,還提供:
    1. Mac便捷功能:F13~F19的背光亮度調整、螢幕截圖、瀏覽器上/下頁、表情貼圖快捷鍵、螢幕鎖定。
    2. N-Key rollover : 多個按鍵同時輸入不會造成漏字狀況。

    2 USB A Hubs
    There are two USB A Hubs on the sides for plug and play connectivity.

    USB A 連接埠
    AMK-800提供兩個USB A 連接埠,方便使用其他USB產品。

    Triple Layer Housing Structures 
    Unlike regular mechanical keyboards with only the center layer for the key modules and lower layer for the housing, AMK-800 uses extra upper layer housing to cover up the key modules so the keyboard presents itself in an elegant professional style in working environment which is suitable with other Apple accessories.

    Low-profile Mechanical Switch
    Mechanical keyboards are no longer bulky. AMK-800 uses the newly designed Low-Profile for the mechanical switch in structure.  This not only reduces the switch travel distance to 2.5±0.3mm and keeps the traditional clicky typing feel, it also passes the 30 million pressing life tests.