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2005 -Dec.
Ortek became involved in the development of VoIP USB Phone, and change to a RoHS production facility in Xiamen, China.
2004 - Dec.
We are top keypad supplier, offers full keypad product lines.
2002 - Jan.
By 2002 our R&D group had joined the wireless product line with OfficeMedia Technology becoming the first company to introduce the high added-value Wireless OfficeMedia Pro Keyboard and Optical Mouse.
Ortek has continued to be among the first in the industry with pioneering products such as USB keyboards and wireless keypads. Moreover, it has sustained a strong record of growth, while expanding its product offerings to include a broader range of input devices.
2001 - Jan.
In 2001, Ortek, together with a strategic alliance of suppliers, was the first to introduce the innovative, high value-added OfficeMedia keyboard, receiving widespread acclaim from OEM/ODM customers.
2000 - Dec.
In 2000, Ortek increased its capital to approximately 1.5 million US dollars.
1998 - Jan.
In 1998 Ortek began investing in wireless product development.
1997 - Dec.
By 1997, Ortek had grown to more than 500 employees and was producing more than 180 thousand keyboards a month, with annual revenue of more than 20 million US dollars.
1995 - Jan.
In 1995, Ortek became involved in the development of ergonomic keyboards and led the industry in introducing the first production model of an ergonomic keyboard, which formally debuted at the Computex show in Taipei. The keyboard won acclaim from customers and other quarters as well.
1993 - Dec.
On 1991~1993, Ortek continued its strong growth, with annual revenue surging above 10 million US dollars in 1993. By this time, Ortek was a major global industry player, with strategic OEM relationships with many of world's best-known brand vendors.
1991 - Jan.
Ortek established its US branch office in 1991 with the aim of further expansion in the global market.
1990 -  Jan.
With rapidly increasing sales and a projected need to move manufacturing overseas, Ortek established a production facility in Xiamen, China in 1990. This action allowed the workforce at Ortek's Taipei headquarters to focus on product development and other non-manufacturing tasks, strengthening its ability to support its customers and to compete internationally. During this period, new Macintosh and IBM-compatible product series created a steady stream of new business opportunities and further enhanced Ortek's reputation within the industry and among end-users.
1989 - Oct.
Ortek established its Taipei headquarters in 1989 with an initial capital investment of just US$200,000. Initially, the only products manufactured were IBM-compatible 101-key keyboards, mice, and numeric keypads.